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I Recycle Electronic Junk

Everyone has something they don't use anymore. It might be broken or even still useable. But, no matter what you have, it is taking up space. Eventually you are going to decide to get rid of your e-junk. Please don't toss it in the trash. It will just go to a landfill and sit buried for a thousand years.

If you are in my local area I will come by and pick up your unwanted electronics at no charge.

Many ask what I do with this e-junk. I tear it all apart and sort it into like components. What all e-junk has in common are wiring, circuit boards, metal parts and plastic parts. Each component has it's own way of being recycled. Nothing is wasted.

Old is good, but if you just upgraded your phone or computer I will pickup the un-needed ones.

This is mostly what I look for:
  • Computers
  • Cell Phones
  • Sound Cards
  • Hard Drives
  • Home Phones
  • Circuit Boards
  • Modems
  • Keyboards
  • Motherboards
  • Floppy Drives
  • RAM

Save Your Junk From The Dump.
Never A fee to private individuals.

I am Dan at T-Studios. Send me an e-mail & schedule a pick-up. My email is cyberdan@juno.com

Please tell me what you have, so I can make sure I have room in my car. I pick up mostly on Saturday mornings in the cities of; Yorba Linda, Placentia, Orange, Brea, La Habra and Fullerton. Please give me your phone number so I can contact you and work out a time frame.

For your peace of mind, all computer hard drives are completely dissembled and the disks are degaussed to destroy all data.

Because of environmental concerns with the picture tube, and my back, I can not accept televisions and monitors.

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